ABA therapy for early learners

Building confidence with one-to-one support

Improve Communication

Build Foundational Skills

Gain Independence

We create a meaningful connection with your child.

We work to understand your child’s unique circumstances before recommending specific next steps.

We set a clear direction for your child’s learning.

You’ll know exactly what to do next to help your child progress toward reaching their full potential.

We work together to support your child’s growth.

We work as a team so you can make each next step with confidence and clear direction.

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What is ABA therapy?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) helps people understand how their actions influence outcomes and then teaches them to change their behavior to get outcomes they desire. ABA is considered the “gold standard” of autism treatment—one of the only scientifically valid therapies available.

How can ABA help?

ABA dramatically improves communication and language, playing skills, coping with outbursts, focusing on tasks, and even getting dressed, bathing, and teeth brushing.

We’re with you every step of the way.

You are your child’s greatest advocate and the most integral member of their team. Together we will create goals based on areas of need, but also ensure those goals are reasonable within your family life. Establishing a therapy-to-home connection allows learning to take place in the center environment and also continue at home.

A Commitment to Quality Treatment

We're accredited by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence for our commitment to upholding rigorous standards for quality ABA treatment. An independent audit of our clinical processes was conducted to ensure we have demonstrated and met the highest Engagement Plan standards.

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